Kate Mellion's journey blog

Hi I'm Kate; welcome to my journey! I am exploring a new world and life. Life as I knew it is has transformed from a daunting task to beautiful, exciting, sometimes painful, but more than anything, an immeasurably rewarding exploration.
 Recieving my bachelors in Art History, was only a fraction of my past but weaves itself into the present, and carries mysteriously into my future. Art in all of its forms has served as an exceptional teacher and partner amidst my journey. My life's experiences have brought me to places unforeseen, and have contributed more value to my life than I could have ever expected.  My goal now is to share those experiences with you, and ask you to join me on my journey as I explore the unknown in pursuit of a fulfilled life. I know my life's experiences blessings and challenges are far from over. So I intend to pursue them and welcome them, applying and sharing along the way.  
I welcome all who have curiosity, questions, struggles, an open mind, free time, or are simply on their own journey in life. I embrace all that comes my way hoping to learn and grow. That being said all those who wish to join me and read on; ENJOY! All others feel free to view my art througout my site, or proceed with whatever your life has in store for you!
    A humble invitation